• Amber+Cicotte.jpg

    Amber Cicotte, CHMM, Senior Scientist

    Amber has been providing environmental consulting services for over 13 years.  Her experience in restoration and remediation have combined to create an expertise in assisting manufacturing clients with day-to-day compliance issues while also addressing historical liabilities.

    B.S., Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Population Genetics, Purdue University

  • Amber+Winter.jpg

    Amber Winter, Project Manager

    Amber brings six years of experience in the environmental consulting field. Her project focus includes due diligence, environmental impact assessments, permitting and compliance assistance, indoor environmental quality, vapor intrusion investigations, and information system management.

    B.S., Environmental Science, DePaul University

  • Andy+Bajorat.jpg

    Andy Bajorat, CHMM, Principal

    Andy has been providing environmental consulting for over 15 years in the areas of site remediation/investigation, risk evaluation/liability assessment, and regulatory compliance. He also provides technical review, opinion, and strategy to support client positions during formal dispute resolutions, including toxic tort and cost-share related litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

    MBA, Northwestern University; M.S., Environmental Science, Indiana University; B.A., Chemistry, Augustana College

  • AGH.jpg

    Artesia Holloway, Social Media Marketing Manager/Coordinator

    Artesia has been with BBJ Group for 12 years.

    A.D., Accounting Technology, DeVry University; Marketing Strategy, Cornell University, HubSpot Certified

  • Asher+Levinson.jpg

    Asher Levinson, Staff Engineer

    Since joining BBJ Group, Mr. Levinson has provided environmental consulting services including due diligence, compliance, and remediation. With a focus on regulatory compliance Mr. Levinson has helped clients prepare routine reporting for regulatory agencies, and has helped prepare permitting packages. Mr. Levinson has also been involved in due diligence projects for Fortune 500 companies, including Phase I and IIs.

    M.S., Engineering, Northwestern University; B.A., Biology, Yeshiva University

  • Audrey+LaRoche.jpg

    Audrey LaRoche, Staff Scientist

    Audrey Joined BBJ Group in January 2016 and provides environmental consulting services, including due diligence and compliance services, for several clients in our Industrial and Manufacturing market sector.

    B.A., Geology, Hope College

  • Carl+Peters.jpg

    Carl Peters, Staff Scientist

    Carl has extensive experience performing on-site monitoring and sampling with a variety of techniques, as well as reporting procedures with both state and federal agencies. He has provided his services to clients across the Midwest.

    B.A., Geology, Augustana College

  • Carolyn+McDonough.jpg

    Carolyn McDonough, Staff Scientist

    Carolyn is just beginning her career in the environmental field. Since joining BBJ Group in June 2015, she has provided environmental consulting services, including due diligence and compliance, for several clients.

    B.S., Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Illinois

  • Corinne+Jaskiewicz.jpg

    Corinne Jaskiewicz, Staff Scientist

    Ms. Jaskiewicz provides clients with compliance support and environmental due diligence. Prior to joining BBJ, she performed fate and transport modeling of pollutants, watershed mapping and analysis, and participated in municipal water system design and presentation.

    B.S., Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

  • James+Malaney.jpg

    James Malaney, Project Manager

    James is a GIS specialist applying his expertise to the environmental field-from information management to health and safety concerns. He is actively involved in the due diligence (Phase I & ll) and compliance process including sampling and analysis, groundwater monitoring, and vapor intrusion investigations.

    B.S., GIS/Cartography & Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Jane Bohn.jpg

    Jane Bohn, Project Manager

    Jane brings a 23 years of history in the environmental industry where she has specialized in site investigations, remediation and site restoration for projects across the US within both consulting and corporate roles.  Jane has a depth of experience in project management for a diverse range of facilities across the country from petroleum retail sites to Superfund.  She has specific expertise in institutional control implementation, negotiations, tracking and compliance and has served since 2014 as an ITRC team member for ITRC's Long Term Contaminant Management Using Institutional Controls.


    B.S., Geology, Eastern Illinois University

  • Jim+Mitchell.jpg

    Jim Mitchell, Senior Risk Management and Regulatory Consultant

    Jim has an extensive and diverse background in consulting and advisory services spanning 21 years. His focus is on environmental legal and regulatory issues relating to transactional due diligence, compliance assistance, brownfield site remediation and environmental insurance.

    J.D., DePaul University School of Law; B.A., Philosophy, DePauw University; M.A., Philosophy, Indiana University

  • John+Tanaka.jpg

    John Tanaka, P.E.; Senior Engineer

    John brings over 30 years of experience with project execution and management in the environmental consulting field.  He has considerable expertise developing cost-effective closure solutions through the execution of a combination of site investigation; risk management; design; construction management; and operation and maintenance activities.

    B.S., Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

  • Katherine+VanZytveld.jpg

    Katherine VanZytveld, Staff Scientist

    Since joining BBJ Group in August 2015, Katherine has applied her knowledge to projects throughout the US. Her specialties include hydrology, regulatory compliance and remediation.

    B.A., Geology, Hope College

  • Kelli+Hicks.jpg

    Kelli Hicks, Project Manager

    Kelli joined BBJ Group in 2011 and provides environmental consulting to support the remediation and site restoration practice, as well as the real estate and transaction support practice. This includes site investigation and remediation, due diligence, compliance assistance, and indoor environmental quality investigations.

    M.S., Biology, Grand Valley State University; B.S., Environmental and Plant Biology, Ohio University

  • Kevin+McCartney.jpg

    Kevin McCartney, P.G.; Principal

    Kevin joined BBJ Group in 2004 and currently serves as firm’s Real Estate and Transaction Support practice leader. His capabilities range from initial due diligence and site investigation to remediation and site restoration.

    B.S., Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    B.S., History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Leah+Gies.jpg

    Leah Gies, Project Manager

    Leah is actively involved in supporting the due diligence and site remediation practices.  This includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II subsurface investigations, groundwater monitoring, and soil gas sampling and vapor intrusion analysis.

    B.S., Geology and Mathematics, Hope College

  • Leslie+Nicholas.jpg

    Leslie Nicholas, Project Manager

    Leslie has a 23-year history in the environmental industry as an EHS professional and Project Manager on a local and global level, working collaboratively with both the client and their advisors to create bespoke solutions minimizing impact negative financial impact and creating platforms for future growth.

    B.S., Animal Behavior and Neurobiology, Cornell University

  • Monica+Pocs.jpg

    Monica Pocs, Staff Scientist

    Since January 2015, Monica has provided BBJ Group clients with environmental consulting services and support. She previously worked as a research assistant helping to design methodology for measure the exchange of carbon between the atmosphere and landscape.

    B.S., Environmental Science and Biological Science, DePaul University

  • Natasha Bell.jpg

    Natasha Bell, Accounting Manager

    Over 18 years of extensive experience in Finance/Corporate Accounting.  With expertise in Financial Statement Preparation, Month End Close, Budgeting & Forecasting and Fixed Assets Mgmt. 


    BS Accounting DePaul University, MBA-Keller Gradudate School of Management

  • Nick+Dufficy.jpg

    Nick Dufficy, Staff Scientist

    Nick’s capabilities include wetlands delineations, site naturalization, prairie restoration and enhancement, and erosion control. Since joining BBJ Group, he has applied this experience to site investigations and due diligence services throughout the Midwest.

    B.A., Biology, Lawrence University

  • Philip+Bajorat.jpg

    Phil Bajorat, CADD Operator

    Phil heads the BBJ Group graphics department, generating figures and drawings for subject property facilities. He is also an active member of the marketing team, designing and producing flyers, banners, and other promotional materials.

    B.S., Speech Communications, Northwestern University

  • Philip Williams.jpg

    Philip Wiliams, Project Manager

    Philip Williams has been working in the environmental industry for more than 20 years and has worked on a wide range of site investigations and remediation projects. Phil’s experience includes Phase II subsurface investigation scope and budget development, subcontractor management, Phase II subsurface soil, groundwater and other hazardous material sampling, and remediation plan and implementation for state site closures. Phil is particularly good at managing environmental health and safety oversight and finding cost saving remediation and site closure solutions to help facilitate client needs.

  • Ron Hutchens.jpg
  • Shari Christofferson.jpg

    Shari Christofferson, Business Development Director

    Shari combines a background in Geological Sciences with experience in sales and marketing to grow BBJ's business. After moving back to Chicago in 2008, Shari has worked in industrial sales and marketing for established and start-up companies.

    Masters of Science, University of Southern California

  • Tarek+Aboueid.jpg

    Tarek Aboueid, Staff Scientist

    Tarek’s experience in field ecology, forestry research, and biological research allow him to bring a diverse set of skills to clients.  He joined BBJ Group in March 2015 and has worked in the environmental industry since May 2014. Tarek focus includes due diligence, environmental impact assessments, indoor environmental quality, vapor intrusion investigations, and information system management within the telecommunications.

    B.S., Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Illinois

  • Tim+Bradburne.jpg

    Tim Bradburne, P.G., R.G.; Principal

    Tim has over 30 years of environmental consulting experience serving (1) on NRD and cost recovery teams, (2) as cost dispute arbitrator, (3) as Brownfield company Chief Environmental Officer, (4) as RCRA Corrective Action financial assurance expert, (5) on Superfund steering committees, (6) on toxic tort and personal injury teams, and (7) on grant procurement, due diligence, investigations, remediation, and payment for ecosystem services matters.

    B.S., Geology, Virginia Tech University

  • Vicki+Kunz.jpg

    Victoria Kunz, Human Resources Manager

    Victoria has over a decade of management experience with a background in personnel and accounting administration.  With a foundation in communications, she promotes establishing strong employee relations within BBJ Group.  Providing both HR and Accounting services, she bridges the gap between departments and encourages open lines of communication throughout the company.

    B.A., Communications and Theater Arts, Monmouth College; Member of the Society for Human Resources Management