ECOsystem services and sustainability

Realizing Value in Natural Ecosystems

 Ecosystem Service Valuation|Forest Management and Planning 

Habitat Conservation|Wetlands 

The Ecosystem Service and Sustainability Practice specializes in sites where natural areas, brownfields, and community/workplace need for open space intersect.  This practice works closely with all other BBJ practices to develop comprehensive property development and management strategies that address remedial and sustainability objectives.  BBJ Group’s Ecosystem Services and Sustainability Practice offers services which identify, manage, realize value, and enhance ecosystems to increase land value for landowners, municipalities, private institutions, and developers.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Municipal redevelopment of vacant brownfield properties; 
  • Land management on contaminated sites with ecosystem goals;
  • Restoring contaminated sites back to nature;
  • Site development/redevelopment planning;
  • Wildlife habitat improvement on corporate land; and
  • Property tax relief through natural resource management.



If you are in need of assistance with a project or would like to learn more about our Ecosystem Services and Sustainability practice, please contact:


Amber Winter

Practice Lead




Kelli Hicks

Project Manager