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Calculations, Disclosures and Reporting

Accurate Data Gathering

BBJ Group offers comprehensive support to companies seeking to accurately calculate and effectively disclose their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. In an increasingly sustainability-focused business landscape, transparent and accurate ESG reporting is crucial for building trust with stakeholders, attracting investments, and demonstrating a commitment to responsible practices.

We collaborate with clients to identify relevant ESG metrics and indicators based on industry standards and best practices. We help gather and analyze data across the organization, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Our methodologies ensure consistent and reliable calculations, enabling clients to assess their environmental footprint, social impact, and governance practices effectively.

Furthermore, BBJ Group also assists in the development of ESG reporting frameworks tailored to meet regulatory requirements and industry expectations. We guide clients in developing data collection and measurement approaches to assist with meeting applicable reporting standards, such as GRI, SASB, or TCFD.

This approach allows clients to communicate their ESG performance effectively through clear and concise disclosures. We support the preparation of sustainability reports, ESG fact sheets, and other disclosure documents that effectively communicate achievements, goals, and progress in a manner that resonates with stakeholders.



Anna Avila

ESG Practice Lead

Ashley Steffen

ESG Engineer

Andrew Bajorat, CHMM