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Balancing Business Goals with Permit Requirements

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) concerns are intrinsic to the operation of many businesses. Clear policies and goals that protect people and the environment are valued by employees, customers, and the communities in which they work. Managing these policies, minimizing hazards, creating a safe workplace, and protecting the environment are good practices that contribute to long-term sustainable growth for businesses.


BBJ Group professionals specialize in solving complex EHS compliance problems. In helping clients develop and implement EHS policy, BBJ Group is sensitive to the uniqueness of client culture. Knowing that each client has different goals, BBJ Group is able to help clients cost-effectively design and implement environmental policies that reflect the competitive marketplace and stakeholders' objectives.

BBJ Group also recognizes that business operations are dynamic. BBJ has helped new, growing companies; firms involved in mergers and debt restructuring; clients emerging from Chapter 11; and mature Fortune 1000 businesses realize the benefits of clear, goal-oriented EHS policies.



BBJ Group’s principals average more than 20 years’ experience working with industry, government, institutional, and commercial clients. BBJ Group is able to help clients design and implement environmental, health and safety policies that reflect the competitive marketplace and stakeholders’ objectives. We have provided environmental health and safety management for many types of businesses, across industry sectors.

We believe developing and implementing an effective EHS policy is about integrating compliance standards/practices into company practices to positively enhance workplace culture and improve business operations. Compliance is a living regulation that is always changing, therefore developing and implementing EHS policy is as a long-term on-going process.

For large, medium and small business BBJ provides EHS on-demand support services to assist facilities with compliance matters. BBJ Group assists in developing and implementing an environmental health and safety management program that is tailored to your facility, easy to follow and improves business operations.




During its operational history, BBJ Group’s Client manufactured garden tools and equipment at more than 35 sites throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. BBJ Group has worked closely with the Client, helping them implement new Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Policy; manage risks; and reduce costs at several active and legacy sites. 

The Client’s manufacturing processes include heat treating of metal tools, plastic injection molding and extrusion, shaping and fitting, wood milling, assembly, and warehousing. BBJ Group has provided services domestically and internationally, helping the Client with EHS compliance audits, regulatory negotiations, due diligence, new EHS policy roll-out,permitting, and planning. 

BBJ Group has also advised the Client to obtain environmental insurance coverage for many of their sites, to assist with risk management. As a result, the company has demonstrated marked savings in their EHS budget.


BBJ Group provides a diverse offering of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) services to the packaging division of a global Fortune 500 company. In this capacity, BBJ Group serves as an extension of the Client’s staff, reporting directly to the EHS Director in charge of pharmaceutical packing, laboratory glassware, and plastic and glass containers. 

The Client’s primary business includes plastic injection molding and extrusion, printing, glass extrusion and etching, and product warehousing. BBJ Group provided domestic and international consultation in environmental health and safety management EHS compliance, EHS audits, corporate presentations, regulatory negotiations, due diligence, EHS policy, permitting, planning, site investigation, and closure.

BBJ Group has helped the Client reduce, manage, or avoid EHS risk before they impact the environment or create unsafe work conditions. As a result, the Client has reduced its cost of environmental compliance by 25%, including the cost of investigations, cleanup, and safety measures.



Robin Miller, CHMM

Practice Lead

Carla Bachunas, CHMM

Senior Health and Safety Expert