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Responsible Evaluation of Financial Obligations for Environmental Issues

Identification, disclosure, and measurements of environmental liabilities are increasing concerns for many companies. Amendments to SEC Regulation S-K and FASB interpretation No. 47 (FIN 47) create a requirement for greater disclosure and accrual and make it clear that a broad range of environmental liabilities require GAAP treatment and accrual as “conditional liability retirement obligations.” 

Since 1995, BBJ Group professionals have used expected value analysis to quantify the cost of retiring environmental liabilities. Examples of BBJ Group’s work include cost allocation and dispute resolution, Monte Carlo model development to predict compliance and liability trends and costs, cradle-to-grave evaluation of retirement of contaminated assets, risk and liability transfer analyses and execution, Natural Resource Damage Assessments, Regulation S-K litigation support, and evaluation of liability reserve obligations.




J. Tim Bradburne, P.G.

Practice Lead