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Cost-Effective and Technically Sound Remedial Solutions

State agencies often have jurisdiction supplementing federal authority for cleanup of contaminated groundwater, surface water soil and other media. To meet state and local requirements, BBJ Group professionals have investigated and restored more than 1,000 contaminated sites in North America. These investigations and cleanups have included the following:

(1) Phase II Site Investigations, (2) remedial investigation and feasibility studies performed for state-led RCRA compliance, and (3) voluntary cleanup actions. BBJ Group has implemented best remediation practices at a wide range of sites ranging from simple dig-and-haul mitigation to innovative in-situ remediation.

In addition, the firm’s experience working with agencies in all 50 states allows it to propose solutions that will be acceptable to those agencies and approved quickly.




John Tanaka, P.E.

Practice Lead

Ron Hutchens, P.E.

Principal, Corporate Consultant