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Identifying and Managing Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat

Conserving, restoring, or enhancing wetlands can result in an unrealized source of income to landowners, private institutions, developers, and environmental groups.  Healthy, functional wetland ecosystems can add value and sustainability to a property.

BBJ Group couples technical expertise with value-added business consulting to facilitate completion of projects from both a financial and regulatory perspective.  BBJ Group’s wetland and natural resource professionals have experience in (1) wetland delineation, (2) US Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 and 106 permitting, (3) wetland mitigation bank development and instrumentation, (4) conservation easement development, (5) on-site wetland mitigation, (6) wetland restoration, and (7) monitoring and construction oversight.




Kate Hendrickson, CHMM


Kelli Hicks

Project Manager