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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

In a changing world, there is a great need for businesses to become resistant and resilient to changing climates. Sustainable finance is the practice by which environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) are considered when making investment decisions. Stakeholders are increasingly interested in determining if their portfolio reflects their values and are prepared to withstand the effects of climate change and the transition to a de-carbonized energy grid. BBJ Group’s ESG Practice assists clients looking to present their ESG factors to investors or regulatory bodies, achieve de-carbonization goals, and determine the climate vulnerability of properties and operations. BBJ Group works to develop sustainability plans and programs that are tailored to each client’s needs. BBJ Group’s capabilities include the following: 

  • Sustainability calculations and reporting 
  • Creating customizable tools for ESG data collection 
  • Data interpretation, visualization and presentation 
  • Inclusion of ESG considerations during real-estate transactions or mergers & acquisitions  
  • Designing and implementing decarbonization strategies 
  • Guidance and training on reporting standards such as GRI and SASB 
  • Supplier assessments and on-site audits 
  • Environmental justice assessments 
  • Human rights impact assessments  
  • Assistance with verification organizations such as SBTi




Anna Avila

ESG Lead/Engineer

Ashley Steffen

ESG Engineer

Andy Bajorat, CHMM

COO, Principal