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BBJ Group FAQs

BBJ Group is a full-service environmental consulting and engineering firm focused on developing risk management, compliance, and remediation strategies tailored to each client's business objectives.

We understand environmental health and safety matters make up only a portion of any business decision. Consequently, we strive to understand our clients goals and provide strategies consistent with those larger goals. 

Technical Depth and Responsiveness - BBJ Group provides the expertise of a large environmental consulting firm, while maintaining the responsiveness and flexibility of a smaller firm. 

Clarity - BBJ Group helps you cut through the clutter. We translate the jargon of environmental science and regulation into business-focused recommendations you can use to make critical decisions.

Strategy – Our solutions always come with an end-game strategy. We don’t just study the problem, we cost-effectively develop an answer and an exit for our client.

BBJ Group has worked in all 50 US states plus Puerto Rico, as well as 28 countries across 6 continents. 

Yes, BBJ Group regularly supports clients by providing expert witness opinion and testimony during litigation, arbitration or mediation.  Subject matters have included, among others:  chemical fate and transport, remediation opinion of cost, site investigation and remediation methodologies, human health risk assessment/toxicology, and regulatory compliance.

Yes, BBJ Group routinely performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, as well as many other transaction-related services, such as limited compliance reviews, opinion of cost development, permit transfers, and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. 

To further explore BBJ Group’s real estate transaction-related services, please click here.


Yes, BBJ Group has extensive experience assessing vapor intrusion risk and designing mitigation systems.  We have project experience in numerous states coast-to-coast as well as internationally. 

To further explore BBJ Group’s vapor intrusion-related experience, please click here.


Yes, BBJ Group routinely works with companies at the corporate level, as well as at the facility level, to help facilities stay compliant with environmental, health and safety regulations.  Our experts can cost-effectively work with facilities to improve recordkeeping, training, and standard operating procedures, as well as secure necessary permits or prepare necessary regulatory filings.

To further explore BBJ Group’s regulatory compliance services,  please click here.


Yes, for certain NAICS codes and situations, BBJ Group meets the definition of a Small Business Enterprise.

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