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Programs that work

BBJ Group’s health safety services are designed to protect our clients’ most valuable resource, their people. Our health & safety professionals assist clients with development of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-required compliance plans and programs, training, or hazard assessments. BBJ Group can also help take your health and safety program beyond OSHA compliance with the development of forward-thinking programs, such as performance-based safety and total worker health programs, safety leadership programs, incorporating leading indicators into safety data management, and pandemic planning.  

Our experience ranges from individual family-owned businesses to large manufacturing companies with facilities across the U.S. or around the world. We work with clients to ensure we create solutions that work with our client’s existing systems and workplace culture.  

BBJ Group performs the following Health & Safety services: 

Health & Safety Hazard Assessments 

Workplace incidents, injuries, and illnesses are often caused by the failure to recognize hazards that are present or could have been anticipated. In order for a health & safety program to be effectivean on-going and proactive hazard assessment program should be in place. Hazard assessments are required under OSHA regulations for deciding what personal protective equipment (PPE) controls may be needed for hazards on the job. 

BBJ Group’s services include the conducting and/or the preparation of:  

  • Hazard Identification and Assessment Program  
  • PPE Hazard Assessments and PPE Programs 
  • Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs)/Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) 

Health & Safety Compliance Plans 

One aspect of OSHA compliance involves developing required compliance plans/programs 

BBJ Group’s services include the preparation of:  

  • Emergency Action Plans 
  • Hazard Communication Programs 
  • Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Programs 
  • Confined Space Programs, including Entry Permits 
  • Fall Protection Plans 
  • Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Programs 
  • Hearing Conservation Programs 
  • Respiratory Protection Programs 
  • Injury and Illness Reporting and Tracking 

BBJ Group understands that EHS compliance plans should embody the actual implementation of health & safety regulations and requirements. Our plans include requirements for inspection, maintenance, response, and reporting obligations, and we work to ensure programs and procedures can be implemented by facility-level employees as part of their daily job routines. 

Health & Safety Training 

Loss prevention is an important component of an effective health & safety program. Health & safety training provides employees with general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards in a manufacturing environment, and ensures that employees are able to understand their roles in keeping themselves and others safe at work. BBJ Group works with our clients on the development and implementation of health safety training specific to their operations. We provide on-site or e-learning programs depending on client needs, as well as train-the-trainer sessions so our clients can ensure new hires and individuals changing jobs also receive appropriate training. 

BBJ Group’s services include the following:  

  • OSHA 10 and 30 hour general industry class 
  • Risk Awareness 
  • Safety Leadership 
  • OSHA standard-specific training  

Health & Safety Compliance Audits 

Health safety compliance audits provide our clients with a detailed account of potential non-compliance issues associated with applicable federal OSHA regulations and their state counterparts. BBJ Group is also well-versed in designing and conducting internal audits in preparation for external ISO certification or regulatory safety audits, such as ISO 45001 or OSHA’s voluntary protection program (VPP). 

A typical BBJ Group compliance audit is performed by a health safety compliance specialist and includes: 

  • On-site inspection of a facility’s policies, practices, and operations; and 
  • Review of pertinent internal programs, records, and training policies related to applicable OSHA regulations including but not limited to hazard communication, PPE assessment and use, material management, lockout/tagout, confined spaces, hot work, emergency response, industrial hygiene, respiratory and auditory programs, accident investigation and root cause analysis, and injury and illness reporting 

Based on these observations and documentation reviews, BBJ Group determines the facility’s regulatory compliance status and prepares a written report that includes recommends corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans that will meet regulatory obligations in a way that is consistent with the client’s corporate culture. 

Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan Preparation 

BBJ Group is committed to assisting businesses respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and preparing for future pandemics. BBJ Group can assist with developing workplace programs that allow our clients to operate their facilities including: 

  • Conducting a cleaning protocol assessment to review proposed cleaning and disinfecting materials and procedures in comparison to the CDC cleaning and disinfecting recommendations; 
  • Reviewing and updating current COVID-19 response policies, plans, and practices to identify gaps; and 
  • Developing an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan in accordance with OSHA’s recent guidance documents, to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and to prepare a business for the next pandemic.  

Combustible Dust Management Program Development 

Combustible dusts fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air in certain conditions and present a hazard across a variety of industries including agriculture, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, foodwoodpaper, and metal manufacturers. Combustible dusts are regulated by OSHA under several regulatory standards, making it difficult for clients to know which requirements apply to their facilities. BBJ Group assists clients with developing combustible dust management programs that include:   

  • Hazard assessments of materials, operationsopen and hidden spaces, and potential ignition sources; 
  • Review of operations with respect to applicable OSHA standards, including housekeeping, hazardous locations, hazard communication, electric power, material storage and handling, fire protection, and the general duty clause of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act; and 
  • Developing a cohesive program that includes recommendations for dust management, inspection, and control; ignition source control, inspection, and preventive maintenance; and injury and damage prevention 

In addition to the above services, BBJ Group offers comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance services that enhance our clients’ commitment to responsible and sustainable EHS solutions and in maintaining good working relationships with their communities, investors, and regulatory agencies. 




Robin Miller, CHMM

Practice Lead