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Expertise to Assist with Legal Challenges

BBJ Group professionals have helped support the technical positions of plaintiffs and defendants on complex environmental matters. They have also worked with parties to resolve disputes before they go to court, either through contractual arbitration or through a voluntary dispute resolution process. Where possible, BBJ Group considers outcomes that are “win-win” for both parties. By avoiding a courtroom, BBJ Group assists the negotiating parties to control the process and the overall outcome.    

As part of its dispute resolution services, BBJ Group senior personnel and Alliance professionals often work with attorneys, providing support to counsel and acting as expert witnesses for a range of litigated and administrative matters including responsible party disputes, regulatory negotiations, and transactions. BBJ Group has provided support on environmental cases involving the evaluation of air, soil, groundwater, and surface water pollution and quality; determination of contamination sources; and recommendation of remedial measures.




J. Tim Bradburne, P.G.

Practice Lead