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The BBJ Team

Meet the BBJ Leaders

 Our professionals have a business solution for any environmental problem you have.

Kevin McCartney, P.G.


Victoria L. Kunz

Human Resources Manager

Tim Bradburne, P.G.

President, Principal

Andy Bajorat, CHMM

Principal, COO

John Tanaka, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Leslie Nicholas

Senior EHS Consultant

Ron Hutchens

Principal - Arizona

Amber Cicotte, CHMM

Senior Scientist

Richard Garlitz, P.E.

Senior Engineer - Pittsburgh

Kelli Hicks

Project Manager - Ohio

Sarah Langeliers, P.E.

EHS Compliance Practice Lead

Amber Winter

Telecommunications Lead

Larry Samet

Business Development Manager

Artesia Holloway

Digital Media/Marketing Manager

Mark Quarles, P.G.

Senior Consultant - Nashville

Carla Bachunas, CHMM

Senior Health and Safety Specialist - Atlanta