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Building An EHS Program from the Ground Up

If you’re starting fresh designing an EHS program for your facility, or just ready to hit the reset button, the following eBook is an essential read.

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Industry We Serve

Our environmental services support all industries and market sectors. How can we support you?

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Chemical Industry

BBJ Group currently serves Fortune 50 companies, regional and national asphalt manufacturers, asphalt distributors, multinational additive manufacturers, and chemical blending enterprises in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

BBJ Chemical Industry

Construction Industry

BBJ Group currently provides construction management services for many of its clients across North America. Recent projects have been performed for some of our regional and national clients in the building products, warehousing, fast-food and retail gasoline sectors. 

BBJ Construction Industry

Energy Industry

BBJ Group provides strategic and tactical consultation and environmental engineering solutions to fossil fuel, nuclear and hydropower producers. The firm’s core services help clients manage a broad range of compliance obligations, pollution risk, and business transactions.

BBJ Energy Industry

Financial Industry

BBJ Group has provided environmental consulting services to dozens of financial sector clients, particularly investment banks, private equity groups, national and regional banks, national and regional insurance carriers, insurance brokers, and venture capital firms.

BBJ Financial Industry

Government Industry

Some of BBJ Group’s professionals have had extensive experience providing environmental consulting services in support of major State and Federal contracts, including those with the Departments of Army and Navy, USEPA, and state environmental protection agencies. 

BBJ Government Industry

Legal Industry

BBJ Group has extensive experience partnering with attorneys to craft effective risk-management strategies for clients. The firm provides environmental consulting services to dozens of law firms with environmental, real estate, corporate, water rights, or litigation practices.

BBJ Legal Industry

Manufacturing Industry

BBJ Group has provided environmental consulting services to more than 100 manufacturing clients, including the following:

We've provided these services to manufacturing clients in 50 states and Puerto Rico. We also serve manufacturing clients in China, Europe, Central America, and South America. 

BBJ Manufacturing Industry

Real Estate Industry

BBJ Group provides environmental consulting services to private investors, real estate investment trusts, commercial developers, national residential developers, industrial developers, brownfield partnerships, commercial lenders, and real estate divisions of larger corporations.

BBJ Real Estate Industry

Telecommunication Industry

BBJ Group provides environmental consulting services to telecommunications companies in support of facility siting and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. BBJ Group maintains master service agreements to provide environmental strategy throughout the United States on a long-term basis, with two Fortune 100 telecommunications firms, as well as several major tower construction/management firms.

BBJ Telecommunication Industry

Transportation Industry

BBJ Group has provided environmental and engineering consulting services to Transportation Sector clients operating in several key segments: (1) aviation; (2) shipping; (3) bus transportation; (4) railroads; (5) trucking; and (6) automotive. The firm has been engaged to provide environmental strategy under master agreements with multiple organizations in the sector, including both public entities and publicly traded companies.  

BBJ Transportation Industry

Waste Management Industry

Environmental waste management regulations have evolved steadily over the past decades. The improper handling, storage, and discharge of waste materials can result in permit violations; local, state or federal enforcement actions; Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) violations; and the degradation of soil and water.

BBJ Waste Management Industry

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The One Tool You Need for RCRA Corrective Action, CERCLA & Due Diligence

Conceptual Site Models (CSM) have become an integral tool to keep corrective response actions and due diligence focused on the issues and methods that count. This eBook covers how to use CSM as a tool for managing Superfund (CERCLA) and RCRA corrective action as well as in site investigations related to contaminated site transfer. 

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