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BBJ Group's environmental professionals and consultants serve our Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Delaware - based clients out of our Pittsburgh, PA office. Whether your company is headquartered in Pennsylvania or has project sites and facilities located in the tri-state area, our Pittsburgh office will respond quickly to your project needs.

Our experience in this region's industries along with our familiarity with local, state and federal regulations are key reasons our clients hire BBJ Group for their environmental projects on the East Coast. Nationally, our environmental consultants have worked in all major markets including Chemicals, Telecommunications, Real Estate, and Transportation. Visit our Sectors to browse our industry specific services and experience.

If your projects require business solutions to environmental matters then consultation from environmental scientists and engineers who understand the big picture, as well as all the details, will give your business an advantage.


Remediation and Decommissioning of Tool Manufacturing/Wood Mill Facility Portfolio

BBJ Group oversaw the investigation, remediation and decommissioning of several manufacturing and wood mill facilities across the United States and Canada. The client desired formal closure of issues at the facilities; consequently, BBJ utilized the voluntary cleanup program mechanisms to pursue no further action letters for identified issues. Remediation approaches included soil excavation, in-situ soil treatment, soil capping, biological stimulation for the in-situ remediation of groundwater, and monitored natural attenuation. Other sites with less pervasive issues were closed using a combination of activity-use limitations and engineered barriers. For inactive facilities, on-site structures were decommissioned and demolished in a manner that allowed the beneficial re-use of much of the steel, concrete and hardwood structural components, thus minimizing the environmental impact of the demolition as well as reducing demolition costs.

Regional Retail Gasoline Station Portfolio

BBJ Group manages a portfolio of approximately 40 retail gasoline stations located in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. BBJ Group was responsible for release investigation and clean up, underground storage tank (UST) removal and closure, above-ground storage tank compliance and inspection, regulatory compliance for underground storage tanks, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting and storm-water sampling, and due diligence for new store purchases. To date, BBJ Group has closed 15 sites through the state's Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) programs using both standard as well as site-specific approaches. 

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BBJ Group USTs
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From environmental due diligence services related to a property purchase or sale, to contaminated site cleanup, or compliance audits and EHS management support, BBJ Group's environmental professionals have you covered.

We provide valuable support to clients buying, selling and developing real estate. Our professionals assist companies in remediating contaminated sites, or finding beneficial uses to surplus or underutilized properties. For operations managers and EHS Directors, we support initiatives that reduce liabilities for operating facilities.

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From our Pennsylvania office we offer all environmental and engineering services to cities within and the surrounding states, including:

  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • West Virginia
  • Ohio

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