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Joined BBJ



Bradley University (BSCE, Civil Engineering)

Industry Focus

Corporate Consulting 



Mr. Hutchens provides consulting on Superfund and brownfield sites and portfolios. He has more than 30 years business experience growing consulting companies and practices as well as over 40 years of technical experience in civil and environmental engineering with particular emphasis in soil and groundwater quality investigations, construction management, risk-based assessment, and remediation. Mr. Hutchens has performed the overall project management including agency negotiations, design, and construction management of the implementation of a consent decree at four Superfund sites in Indiana; developed and implemented remediation plans for soil and groundwater cleanup in the voluntary programs in Illinois and Indiana; supervised the construction quality assurance oversight at the construction of numerous landfill cells; reviewed closure documentation for numerous sanitary landfills; and assisted several Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) groups with strategy for developing and fulfilling consent decrees.