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Joined BBJ



Virginia Tech (BS, Geology) 

Industry Focus

Risk and Liability Management



Tim is a geologist and environmental consultant. He is BBJ’s PFAS and the firm’s Risk and Liability Management Practice Leader. He has (1) provided expert testimony, (2) written RCRA Part B Permits, (3) served on Superfund steering committees, (4) arbitrated environmental cost disputes between public and private companies, (5) given long-term stewardship and post-closure care testimony for low level radioactive waste disposal cost accrual, (6) administered the first Tank Superfund programs for Alabama and Mississippi, (7) directed prefeasibility studies for pumped-storage hydroelectricity sites, and (8) lead all aspects of site selection, real estate negotiations, land development, public hearings, design, permitting, building and new construction shakeout for chemical plants.

When away from the office you might find him fishing in Katmai National Park or setting camera traps in the Appalachian Mountains.