vapor intrusion services

Indoor Air Quality

BBJ Group helps identify, quantify, and mitigate vapor intrusion risks.  Vapor intrusion occurs when volatile organic compounds in soil and groundwater enter buildings as vapors and create health and safety risks for the occupants. Vapor intrusion can occur at any property, including active and shuttered factories, gas stations, strip-mall dry cleaners, and others. Vapors can also encroach on neighboring sites, such as residential and commercial properties.

Vapor intrusion creates financial risks regarding the safety, value, use, and marketability of affected properties. New, overlapping, and sometimes contradictory vapor intrusion regulations catalyze these concerns by increasing awareness – and disagreement – regarding the risk. Adding to the concern is the possibility of personal injury claims from tenants or third parties alleging vapor exposure. 

BBJ Group is able to navigate these complex issues and reach practical, sound, and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Where soil gas sampling is impractical, BBJ Group uses non-intrusive flux chamber surveys to understand the subsurface conditions that may be affecting indoor air. These surveys can be conducted prior to acquisitions and without breaking ground, making this a convenient solution for leased spaces.




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