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Using Environmental Matters to Create Deal Value

Learn about 8 environmental contributors to deal value

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Financial Industry

BBJ Group has provided environmental consulting services to dozens of financial sector clients, particularly investment banks, private equity groups, national and regional banks, national and regional insurance carriers, insurance brokers, and venture capital firms.

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Dispute Resolution

Expertise to Assist with Legal Challenges

As part of its dispute resolution services, BBJ Group senior personnel and Alliance professionals often work with attorneys, providing support to counsel and acting as expert witnesses for a range of litigated and administrative matters including responsible party disputes, regulatory negotiations, and transactions. 


BBJ Dispute Resolution Project

Cost Allocation and Dispute Resolution

A publicly traded company purchased brass foundries across the Country. Seller escrowed contingent environmental liability funds. Unspent dollars were periodically released to seller’s shareholders. At the last escrow period, the buyer disputed the seller’s claim to the remaining $12 million. The agreement provided for “baseball” arbitration by an independent third party environmental consultant. BBJ Group was retained; its decision based on a review of written, final arguments provided by the parties.

Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence Services

BBJ conducts environmental due diligence for real estate transactions and mergers and acquisitions when real estate is part of the deal. Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies across North America, as well as REITs and real-estate developers, hire BBJ Group for all phases of environmental due diligence because of our comprehensive approach, technical expertise, and business acumen.

BBJ Real Estate - Warehouse

Financial Reporting

Responsible Evaluation of Financial Obligations for Environmental Issues

Identification, disclosure, and measurement of environmental liabilities are increasing concerns for many companies. Amendments to SEC Regulation S-K and FASB Interpretation No. 47 (FIN 47) create a requirement for greater disclosure and accrual and make it clear that a broad range of environmental liabilities requires GAAP treatment and accrual as “conditional liability retirement obligations.” 

BBJ Financial 1

BBJ Financial Reporting Project 

Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC Regulation S-K, FIN 47 Filings

One of BBJ Group’s clients is a Fortune 500 diverse company for which we have worked with to prepare liability reserve obligations under SEC Regulation S-K. BBJ Group has also been providing technical support to the Client related to most aspects of environmental health and safety. BBJ Group has been able to forecast costs for plant decommissioning, cleanup, and closure; evaluate regulatory trends and aid with permit negotiations during acquisitions and dispositions.

Opinion of Cost

Attesting to Developed Opinions

BBJ Group’s opinions of cost are developed using decision and risk analysis and other techniques to establish expected costs.  Clients use our valuations to identify and select the best strategy in terms of several metrics: (1) expected value, (2) return on investment, and (3) benefit.

 BBJ Opinion-of-cost

Reserve Management

Creating Shareholder Value

SEC Regulation S-K requires businesses to disclose future risks that are known to management and which are reasonably likely to have material effects on a company’s financial condition. BBJ Group has developed analytical models capable of forecasting project cost in detail, in terms of net present value.

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Site Closure Checklist

This eBook describes some technical tools in the environmental toolbox that are commonly accepted by many state and federal agencies to obtain risk-based site closure in different regulatory programs, such as leaking underground storage tank, voluntary remediation, and brownfield.

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