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Using Environmental Matters to Create Deal Value

Learn about 8 environmental contributors to deal value

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Telecommunication Industry

BBJ Group provides environmental consulting services to telecommunications companies in support of facility siting and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. BBJ Group maintains master service agreements to provide environmental strategy throughout the United States on a long-term basis, with two Fortune 100 telecommunications firms, as well as several major tower construction/management firms.

BBJ Group provides services that support the permitting, compliance, development, and transaction of telecommunication properties, including:

  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments; 
  • Vapor intrusion assessments;
  • In-building assessments;
  • Wetland, species and habitat surveys;
  • SPCC Preparation and Air Permitting;
  • TCNS/SHPO/Tribal Notification; and
  • NEPA Environmental Assessment preparation.

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Air Quality Permitting

Meeting Client Obligations

BBJ Group air quality professionals provide a full range of air quality consulting services to both major and minor sources in a variety of industries. We assist with all aspects of air quality compliance, including application development, emission inventory preparation, and air dispersion modeling. Our team is well versed in local regulations as well as federal standards such as NSPS and NESHAPS.  We work with clients to develop lasting air quality solutions from initial permit applications through long-term compliance assistance.

BBJ Air Quality 2

Audits, Plans, and Training

Creating Responsible Management and Operating Practices

BBJ Group EHS compliance services are designed to reduce clients’ exposure to liability, including regulatory violations and fines. The EHS auditing, planning, and training process demonstrate a commitment to responsible corporate management, thereby enhancing relationships with communities, investors, and regulatory agencies.

BBJ Training

BBJ Training Project

SWPPP Preparation, On-Site Personnel Training, and Soil Excavation

A client subleasing a bus terminal property received a state-issued notice of violation (NOV). To discharge the NOV, BBJ Group prepared a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and site-specific stormwater monitoring program in agreement with state guidance documents and regulations. Facility managers were trained to implement the program, showing them how to perform monitoring tests, document findings, report results, and keep records of all actions.

Industrial Hygiene

Facilities Large and Small

Facilities in any stage of development—design, commissioning, operation, decommissioning or demolition—may be subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation. BBJ Group can conduct an industrial hygiene survey at your facility to proactively assess the exposure of your workforce and evaluate OSHA compliance status.

BBJ Industrial Hygiene

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

5 Must-Dos When Completing Your Management Walkthrough

In any transaction that involves real estate, an All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) compliant Phase I ESA is recommended to provide the buyer, seller, or financing entities a determination if potential environmental liabilities, such as recognized environmental conditions (RECs) and business environmental risks (BERs), exist at a target property.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Due Diligence Services

Phase II ESA procedures are designed to investigate the potential impact of RECs and involves on-site collection of samples for testing, and a comparison with local, state and federal standards. BBJ Group manages all aspects of the Phase II investigation, including:

  • Soil borings and analysis
  • Groundwater sampling analysis
  • Plume characterization
  • Vapor intrusion studies
  • Phase II ESA data evaluation and reporting

Wetlands Conservation

Identifying and Managing Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat

Conserving, restoring, or enhancing wetlands can result in an unrealized source of income to landowners, private institutions, developers, and environmental groups.  Healthy, functional wetland ecosystems can add value and sustainability to a property.

BBJ Wetlands Project 

Wetland and Endangered Species Assessment

BBJ Endangered

BBJ Group was involved in all aspects of obtaining federal, state, and local agency approval for the construction of a telecommunications site which was critical to the Client. The effort emphasized planning wetlands and endangered species assessments that would meet the requirements of these jurisdictions. The site was located in a wetland area known to include endangered and threatened species habitats. BBJ Group designed and coordinated the endangered and threatened species assessment, wetlands delineation, and jurisdictional wetlands permitting for the site.

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Seller-Targeted Guidance for Successful Environmental Due Diligence

  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Selling Commercial Real Estate

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