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Transportation Industry

BBJ Group has provided environmental and engineering consulting services to Transportation Sector clients operating in several key segments: (1) aviation; (2) shipping; (3) bus transportation; (4) railroads; (5) trucking; and (6) automotive. The firm has been engaged to provide environmental strategy under master agreements with multiple organizations in the sector, including both public entities and publicly traded companies.  

BBJ Group adds value to Transportation Sector operations service by cost-effectively developing and managing:

  • Environmental health and safety policies; 
  • Employee training programs; 
  • Emergency response;
  • Waste management strategies and procedures;
  • Expert testimony;
  • Storage tank compliance and management programs; and
  • Remedial strategies and cleanups.

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Air Quality Permitting

Meeting Client Obligations

BBJ Group air quality professionals provide a full range of air quality consulting services to both major and minor sources in a variety of industries. We assist with all aspects of air quality compliance, including application development, emission inventory preparation, and air dispersion modeling. Our team is well versed in local regulations as well as federal standards such as NSPS and NESHAPS.  We work with clients to develop lasting air quality solutions from initial permit applications through long-term compliance assistance.

BBJ Air 2

Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence Services 

BBJ Group doesn't create deal value by being the cheapest environmental due diligence firm; we create it by thoroughly characterizing a site’s history, uncovering hidden assets and liabilities that less comprehensive approaches miss. 

BBJ Real Estate

Facility Decommissioning

Addressing Environmental Issues at Retired Industrial Facilities

Building decommissions, strip-out and site restoration can be an integral part of property redevelopment, transactions or plant expansions and BBJ Group has experience with a wide array of facilities requiring these services.

BBJ Facility Decommissioning Project

Electronics Manufacturer Facility Decommissioning

BBJ Electronics Manufacturer

BBJ Group provided decommissioning services for several former cathode ray tube manufacturing facilities. This entailed day-to-day contractor procurement and management; environmental, health, and safety planning and compliance; permitting; and decommissioning; negotiations with local and state regulators; compliance reporting; and Client representation during negotiations with potential buyers. Some of the sites were closed under state voluntary cleanup programs; others were engaged in remediation under RCRA.


Financial Reporting

Responsible Evaluation of Financial Obligations for Environmental Issues

Identification, disclosure, and measurements of environmental liabilities are increasing concerns for many companies. Amendments to SEC Regulation S-K and FASB Interpretation No. 47 (FIN 47) create a requirement for greater disclosure and accrual and make it clear that a broad range of environmental liabilities requires GAAP treatment and accrual as “conditional liability retirement obligations.” 

BBJ Financial 2

BBJ Financial Reporting Project 

Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC Regulation S-K, FIN 47 Filings

One of BBJ Group’s clients is a Fortune 500 diverse company for which we have worked with to prepare liability reserve obligations under SEC Regulation S-K. BBJ Group has also been providing technical support to the Client related to most aspects of environmental health and safety. BBJ Group has been able to forecast costs for plant decommissioning, cleanup, and closure; evaluate regulatory trends and aid with permit negotiations during acquisitions and dispositions.

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Seller-Targeted Guidance for Successful Environmental Due Diligence

  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Selling Commercial Real Estate

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