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Seller-Targeted Guidance for Successful Environmental Due Diligence

  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Selling Commercial Real Estate 

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Real Estate Industry

BBJ Group provides environmental consulting services to private investors, real estate investment trusts, commercial developers, national residential developers, industrial developers, brownfield partnerships, commercial lenders, and real estate divisions of larger corporations.

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Construction and Demolition Management


Turnkey Management, On-Time and On Budget

BBJ Group currently provides construction management services for many of its clients across North America. Recent projects have been performed for some of our regional and national clients in the building products, warehousing, fast-food and retail gasoline sectors.

BBJ Construction 2

Demolition Services

BBJ Group currently provides demolition management services for many of its regional and national clients across North America. Recent projects have been performed for some of our clients in the manufacturing, building supplies, nonprofit, and retail gasoline sectors.

In-Building/Property Condition Assessment

Beyond a Phase I 

Beyond the condition of the underlying real estate, our REIT and real-estate developer clients hire BBJ Group to help them understand potential future costs associated with building management issues. Our experts look at building materials and structures and present our clients with business-friendly reports that outline probable costs and practical solutions for managed risks down the road. BBJ Group provides advice on managing a diverse range of issues, including property condition, asbestos, lead in drinking water, lead-based paint, and radon.

BBJ Building Assessment

Opinion of Cost

Attesting to Developed Opinions

The most critical business choices often involve uncertainty in the true cost of unknown or future conditions. Sometimes these decisions involve environmental impairment, resource scarcity, or other components critical to the success of a project.

BBJ Opinion-of-cost

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

First things first

In any transaction that involves real estate, an All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) compliant Phase I ESA is recommended to provide the buyer, seller, or financing entities a determination if potential environmental liabilities, such as recognized environmental conditions (RECs) and business environmental risks (BERs), exist at a target property.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Due Diligence Services

Phase II ESA procedures are designed to investigate the potential impact of RECs and involves on-site collection of samples for testing, and a comparison with local, state and federal standards. BBJ Group manages all aspects of the Phase II investigation, including:

  • Soil borings and analysis
  • Groundwater sampling analysis
  • Plume characterization
  • Vapor intrusion studies
  • Phase II ESA data evaluation and reporting

Vapor Intrusion

Indoor Air Quality 

Vapor intrusion occurs when volatile organic compounds in soil and groundwater enter buildings as vapors and create health and safety risks for the occupants. Vapor intrusion can occur at any property, including active and shuttered factories, gas stations, strip-mall dry cleaners, and others. Vapors can also encroach on neighboring sites, such as residential and commercial properties, resulting in unsafe conditions.

BBJ vapor intrusion 2 (waynesboro)

BBJ Vapor Intrusion and Mitigation Project

Vapor Intrusion Study and Mitigation Installation

During acquisition due diligence of a manufacturing facility in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, BBJ Group identified free phase at an adjacent site. BBJ Group performed a soil DNAPLS gas survey and indoor air investigation, identifying potentially harmful levels of TCE vapors affecting the building. BBJ Group designed and installed a sub-slab depressurization system, reducing TCE concentrations to EPA-approved levels.

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Site Closure Checklist

A Technical Toolbox to Obtain NFA and Site Closure Letters

This eBook describes some technical tools in the environmental toolbox that are commonly accepted by many state and federal agencies to obtain risk-based site closure in different regulatory programs, such as leaking underground storage tank, voluntary remediation, and brownfield.

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